Eeku Oy is Oulu based company founded 2014 focusing on software development and training services.

We provide the best Agile Scrum trainings in Oulu region. We also offer our software development services to create high quality software for our customers. As our own products, we are also developing mobile games for iOS and Android platforms.

Our mission is to make You succeed, which is why we consider all projects as our own. We are very honest and straight forward with our own projects, so we will be also for you. We guarantee that if needed, we will bravely tell even constructive/unpleasant opinions. We believe that honest co-operation is the key to success.

Training Services

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We provide the best Agile Scrum trainings in Oulu region. Our speciality is to combine Scrum and Kanban for practical work usage. Wheter you are Scrum Master, Product Owner or a Scrum team member, we can help you!

Our Agile Scrum trainings are especially based on our long experiences from software development business, but we of course have attented many courses, seminars and read piles of books. Concrete and practical stuff over theory! If you want to know more of our opinios about Agile Scrum and leadership, please visit our blog.

Our trainings are always tailored for the needs of our customers, so we can have certain focus areas that fits to your team’s or company’s special needs. Example focus areas can be different roles, Kanban, Agile leadership, product management, schedule estimation, etc.

Software Development

Do you need software development help? Do you have an idea of iPhone or Android application, but you need someone to implement it? Need help to develope cloud based WEB application? We can help You!

We are specialized to iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android mobile applications, but we do have a lot of experience of numerous other technologies. For example we have used C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Python, Java, AJAX, jQuery, REST, OpenGL, SQL, PHP, CSS, WordPress, … so you don’t have to master them.

We consider customer projects as our own, which is why we do everything to make them success. Our whole knowledge is at your service.

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Mobile Games

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Mobile Games Development is one of Eeku’s core business. We are currently developing our first game, which will be pusblished for iOS and Android platforms.

I would be happy to show you more, as soon as we have something worthful to show. We are very exited about our ideas and hopefully soon you are too ūüôā

Our Team

Saku Huttunen

CEO, Trainer, Developer

Trainer and SW Developer with over 20 years of professional experience. Has been training people all around the world, from Beijing to California. Started programming as child early 80’s with Commodore 64 and has been coding since. Enjoys especially solving architectural SW problems.

Henrik Erkkilä

CTO, Developer

Experienced software developing and debugging guru who enjoys new challenges. He is exceptionally good at debugging and can find solution for even the weirdest problems. He learns and Masters new technologies for breakfast. Started programming as hobby in mid 90’s.

Ahti Komu


Ahti Komu

Versatile SW Developer with long background from Python and Django with all possible extensions. Experienced in full-stack web development, database schema design, Android application development, etc. Started programming in mid 80’s for C64 and Amiga.

Mikko Nevala


Mikko Nevala

Talented software developer capable of doing full-stack web and Unity3D development. Has Master’s degree of Information Processing from University of Oulu. 4th dan Go player.

There are more detailed information about us in Finnish at TIIMI page.